NaviNet® Open Document Exchange

Provides significant cost savings and quality improvements with secure and reliable information exchange.
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As fee-for-service reimbursement transitions to a value-based care model, sharing administrative and clinical information becomes vital to improving care quality, boosting provider satisfaction, and realizing cost savings. To communicate effectively with their network, health plans must expand their competencies to support bi-directional exchanges of information to engage providers during vital clinical workflows. NaviNet® Open Document Exchange can help!

Document Exchange allows health plans to share sensitive and confidential information through a secure, reliable and auditable channel —including fee schedules, risk adjustment information, quality measurement data, and performance reports. Introducing two new features: (1) a self-service application that enables payer business users to selectively target providers, and (2) the ability to easily implement multi-step processes such as health audit and recovery workflows. 

Over 2 million documents are securely exchanged every month through our Document Exchange platform.

Key Features

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Actionable, bidirectional platform to shift any type of information exchange from costly fax and mail channels to near real-time electronic workflows
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Closed-loop communication backed up by a digital audit trail
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Multi-payer dashboards and workflow notifications make managing information efficient and secure for provider end user.
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Multiple modes and rich metadata means ease of integration into payer systems and workflows—digital files in any supported file format and web forms with your data displayed in an on-screen template for viewing and information collection.

Use Cases

Explore the advantages of Document Exchange, unlocking a seamless and secure solution tailored to diverse use cases, ensuring collaboration and secure document management. Click on a use case below to learn more. 

Why Document Exchange


Streamlined Communication

and information exchange between healthcare providers, payers, and other stakeholders leads to faster decision-making, reduced administrative burdens, and improved patient care coordination.
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Enhanced Efficiency

using automated workflows and secure data exchange can result in cost savings and reduced errors.
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Compliance & Security

prioritizes healthcare regulations, ensuring that sensitive patient information is protected and that organizations can meet their legal obligations in handling healthcare data.

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How Collaboration in a Value-Based World Improves Patient Outcomes (and helps lower costs)

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