How Collaboration in a Value-Based World Improves Patient Outcomes (and helps lower costs) White Paper

The practice of healthcare continues to make advances in patient care. But with new procedures, research and drug therapies, the adoption of healthcare technology and the overall business of healthcare tends to lag far behind. As providers struggle with large amounts of clinical information, such as the benefits, risks and trade-offs of specific treatments, variability of care can be compounded and lead to unnecessary healthcare costs.

This informative white paper presents:

  • A look at how providers can speed up the transition to support value-based care
  • How automating the transfer of health plan, patient clinical data and care information benefits all the stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem
  • The key features of the NaviNet Open Document Exchange solution and how it streamlines communication between healthcare plans and providers by enabling them to transmit clinical and administrative information in near real-time
  • How healthcare plans are already successfully using Document Exchange to increase the quality of care, reduce costs and become more efficient

Download today our white paper "How Collaboration in a Value-Based World Improves Patient Outcomes" and discover how document exchange can be a valuable collaboration tool for both healthcare plans and providers.

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