About this Webinar

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred a movement of online health disinformation, leaving consumers and patients to wonder what online information is credible and can be trusted. Heightened levels of distrust worsened existing health equity barriers–especially in the hardest-hit communities. Public health officials now face new challenges connecting with communities to share understandable, evidence-based science and medical information.

Dr. Garth Graham leads a new team at Google/YouTube by collaborating with public health leaders to improve public education through video content.

Watch Dr. Garth Graham and moderator Dr. Tiffany Avery, Chief Medical Officer, NantHealth, as they discuss tackling online health disinformation and what steps we need to take moving forward as a community to reduce barriers to health equity.

This on demand webinar will answer:

  • How can health disinformation impact health equity?
  • How can health plans help fight disinformation to improve outcomes?
  • How can other healthcare leaders engage in the effort?


Dr. Garth Graham HeadshotSPEAKER
Dr. Garth Graham
Google/YouTube Director and Global Head of Healthcare and Public Health
Dr. Tiffany Avery HeadshotMODERATOR
Dr. Tiffany Avery
Chief Medical Officer

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