Expand your panel with cash-pay patients

Sesame is a straightforward way to provide end-to-end care for cash-pay patients.

Using Sesame, providers can set clear prices, receive payment upfront, list hours that are most convenient for them, and connect with patients virtually or in-person.

By joining Sesame’s cash-pay appointment platform, providers can expand their patient panel, increase revenue, and start seeing patients today.

The Sesame platform helps providers stay more competitive by helping them build new offers, freeing up valuable time to spend with patients, and increasing revenue by 25% per visit1. It's easy to set up and providers can join without any obligation.

With a shared vision of creating innovative technology solutions for the healthcare industry, NaviNet® Open and Sesame are coming together to empower providers with the tools they need to better serve their patients.

NaviNet Open allows providers to exchange vital administrative, financial, and clinical information in real-time. Now, collaborating with Sesame, providers also have a straightforward way to provide access to high-quality care at clear, affordable prices.

As one of the largest, fastest growing healthcare marketplaces in the U.S., hundreds of thousands of customers use Sesame to search for and purchase health services. Increase revenue on every visit and cut out administrative headaches with Sesame's hassle-free direct-pay process.

Here's How You Can Earn 25% More per Visit1 with 3 Easy Steps:

1. Join for Free: No membership fees or time commitments.

2. Create Competitive Offerings: We help you tailor your offerings to attract new patients and build your practice.

3. Start Seeing Patients: Patients can book appointments with you minutes after your profile goes live.

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