Implementation Challenges of Electronic Prior Authorizations White Paper

Healthcare authorizations can be one of the most costly and frustrating barriers to efficient and effective patient care, contributing to 92% of delayed care cases.1

You likely feel the pain. Let us help. NaviNet's white paper, Implementation Challenges for Electronic Prior Authorizations, will provide effective tips, including:

  • Insights on the obstacles many health organizations face, including the need to accommodate a wide variety of use cases, meet complex policy and data requirements, and include relevant clinical information.
  • Strategic recommendations and a look at NantHealth's technical solutions to help your organization make a smooth transition to a streamlined electronic prior authorization process.

Download the Implementation Challenges for Electronic Prior Authorizations white paper by filling out the form to the right to take the first step towards dramatically increasing your organization’s business efficiency and effectiveness, reducing costs and accelerating patient access to quality care.

1American Medical Association, "2017 AMA Prior Authorization Physician Survey." December 2017.