Emerging Technologies: What Health Plans Need To Know NOW White Paper

Technology continues to push the envelope, spurring the continuous evolution of healthcare. Crisis like COVID-19 and new federal laws such as the No Surprises Act reinforce the need for solutions that address challenges as they arise, helping stakeholders—providers, patients, and payers—more effectively and efficiently work together to advance the practice of care.

Here we explore top technology trends on payers' radar for the year, and look at how solutions, including NantHealth’s NaviNet®, are helping to usher in the new era of healthcare by creating stronger relationships and more seamless collaboration that lead to better care.

This informative white paper presents:

  • Top Technology Trends for Payers
  • How New Approaches in Technology Are Solving Healthcare’s Innovation Crisis
  • How NaviNet is Innovating for Emerging Healthcare Trends

Download today our white paper "Emerging Technologies: What Health Plans Need To Know NOW" and discover how top technology trends on payers’ and providers' radar can help reign in a new era of healthcare.