About this Webinar

Technology continues to push the envelope, spurring health care's continuous evolution. Crises like COVID-19 only reinforce the need for the creation of new technologies to improve health care. As technologies are developed for the next era of digital health, many of these technologies are centered around efficient communication and data sharing between all stakeholders. Health care spending is a constant hurdle with many complexities developing to find a solution. Emerging technologies are expected to play a huge role. In this timely webinar, NaviNet will explore the next generation of technologies and relevant trends for payers and providers in this space.

These are just a few of the subjects we'll discuss:

  1. The role of interoperability and how it effectively enables the exchange of clinical information.
  2. How collaboration can foster increased engagement in clinical and administrative workflows.
  3. Can artificial intelligence enhance decision-making


Lisa Hebert HeadshotPANELIST
Lisa Hebert
Director, Product Management
John Rollins HeadshotPANELIST
John Rollins
VP, Chief Architect
Matheen Siddiqui HeadshotPANELIST
Matheen Siddiqui
Senior Principal Research Scientist

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