MGMA Medical Practice Excellence Conference

October 19–21, 2020

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The MGMA Medical Practice Excellence Conference is now virtual!

Rise Above. Achieve Practice Excellence.

The Medical Practice Excellence Conference is dedicated to empowering learning opportunities for professionals to intentionally, and continuously, develop their leadership skills. Lead the front lines—in service of healing—and march towards the achievement of excellence in patient care and operations. The Medical Practice Excellence Conference is where you will find the right tools, resources, expert solutions and peer input to address even the most epic of challenges and overcome them.

Experience 3 Days of Education for a Lifetime of Excellence

With an impressive line-up of speakers and exhibitors eager to help you find solutions to the challenges you face every day, the Medical Practice Excellence Conference is designed for you to learn what you need, on your terms. Improve patient outcomes, minimize inefficiencies in your organization, and advance your practice with actionable take-aways with our learning tracks spanning financial management, strategy, technology, operations, and more!

Join NantHealth at the Virtual Solution Center

The virtual solution center inside the online Medical Practice Excellence Conference is where next level, actively trending medical practice conversations ignite innovation and inspire progress. Be sure to stop by our virtual booth to chat live with us, request a 1:1 meeting, or download some of our digital collateral to learn more about our suite of innovative healthcare solutions designed to enable true value-based care. The timing and the conversations are completely up to you!

NaviNet Branded Purple Branded Bar

NantHealth will be discussing the NaviNet AllPayer platform and how providers can reach over 1,000 health plans for patient verification with one single sign-on.

NantHealth will also discuss our new APIs and how they can add greater flexibility to workflows. Users can access and share data for enhanced Payer/Provider collaboration, increase the speed and accuracy of billing and collection, and improve the patient experience, outcomes and overall cost of care.

Listen to our Concurrent Speed Session October 21st from 12:40 pm to 1:10 pm. Presented by Kristin Harrison, Senior Customer Success Professional, NantHealth NaviNet and Christina Perkins, Vice President, Product Management and Strategy, NantHealth NaviNet. The Subject will be Going Electronic to Reduce Prior Authorization Overhead.


They will discuss:

  1. How electronic prior authorizations can prevent delays in patient care
  2. How electronic prior authorizations can provide transparency into insurance medical policy
  3. How we can break through the barriers to electronic prior authorization adoption

There will be a live Q&A at the conclusion of the session.

NantHealth is committed to delivering timesaving platforms for better-informed decision making and elevated payer-provider collaboration.


Technology-Driven, Value-Based Solutions for Better Health Care


Better access to information breaks down silos in healthcare and closes the care loop, helping providers and payers operate and measure patient outcomes. NaviNet elevates the payer-provider relationship from transactional to collaborative, enhancing communication and boosting operational efficiency. Using the NaviNet suite of cloud-based solutions, payers and providers can consolidate and streamline communication and information, while gaining access to a richer set of data to improve patient care and outcomes. NaviNet is part of the NantHealth family of brands—constantly innovating around data delivery to better connect and enable payers, providers and patients.

Learn about NaviNet Payer Provider Engagement


Meeting the needs of payers, providers, and patients is complex. But it’s not impossible. Eviti Connect clears the way for value-based cancer care that benefits everyone involved. Eviti Connect streamlines the authorization of cancer treatment, ensuring prescription of high-quality, high-value care and setting patients on the path to appropriate treatment sooner. Powered by the renowned Eviti Evidence-based Medical Library, Eviti Connect minimizes payer risk while simultaneously placing evidence-based treatments in the hands of providers.

Learn more about Eviti Connect treatment plan validation

To register for the conference, visit the Medical Practice Excellence Conference registration page.