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Professional burnout in the healthcare industry is increasingly challenging, and the COVID-19 pandemic added stressors to clinicians' already busy workloads.

While many providers classify population health management activities as an added burden, there are proven strategies and approaches that reduce burden. Reducing the amount of burden providers face improves satisfaction and morale, and it can also enhance productivity. However, this often requires a shift in how providers work and the culture that guides their practice.

We invite you to join NantHealth Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Tiffany Avery and Lightbeam Health Solutions VP, Clinical Transformation, Jessica Scruton, BSN, RN, CCM for a deep dive into how to develop a value-based culture and relieve physician burnout. Topics include:

  • Navigating staffing shortages and associated challenges
  • How to build "dot-connecting" organizations
  • Positioning staff to optimize physician activity
  • Tools that ease administrative burden
  • Ways to develop action plans that foster increased adoption of solutions


Dr. Tiffany Avery HeadshotSPEAKER
Dr. Tiffany Avery
Chief Medical Officer
Anne Donvan HeadshotSPEAKER
Jessica Scruton, BSN, RN, CCM
VP, Clinical Transformation
Lightbeam Health Solutions

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