Precision Medicine Meets Immunotherapy at ASCO 

The Convergence of Immunotherapy and Precision Medicine is Here

Immunotherapy was the hot topic at ASCO this year, but precision medicine isn't going away. As the understanding of the clinical applications for immunotherapies continues to grow, it is increasingly apparent that applying the right immunotherapy to the right cancer patient is key.

Thus, precision medicine is needed in conjunction with immunotherapies to determine if a patient will respond to an immunotherapy. However, comprehensive molecular tests that give the oncologist a full understanding of the patient and his/her specific cancer are also needed so that precision medicine can enhance the benefits of immunotherapy.  

In this 30-minute webinar, Dr. Gary Palmer, Chief Medical Officer at NantHealth, dives into the latest oncology trends and covers:

  • Understanding Immunotherapies as a Promising Tool Set
  • Applying Precision Medicine in Conjunction with Immunotherapies
  • Capitalizing on Comprehensive Molecular Tests That Measure the DNA, RNA, and Proteins of a Patient's Specific Cancer.

Listen to the discussion on these issues, as well as the key facts you need to know about NantHealth's GPS Cancer test.