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In healthcare, the well-being of patients is goal number one. At NantHealth, we're committed to aligning the needs of payers and providers in pursuit of that goal—and Eviti Connect is leading the way.

As a payer, you are challenged to keep costs low while enabling appropriate care for your members. As healthcare costs skyrocket, how effectively are you managing your spending? If your answer leaves you thinking there has to be a better way, then take a look at Eviti Connect - a web-based application that electronically connects health plans and practices to verify treatments in real-time.


Eviti Connect validates decisions with evidence-based medicine and payer policies before treatment begins. The automated process reduces the administrative time involved in obtaining and providing authorizations, aligning all parties around value-based care.

Eviti Connect for Oncology

Eliminate unwarranted variability in care through the application of nationally-accepted treatment standards at the moment of clinical prescribing, ensuring that compliance occurs at the front-end as opposed to back-end review after treatment has begun. You'll have confidence that your members are prescribed the most effective care at the most appropriate cost.



the average amount you'll overspend per patient receiving inappropriate oncology care


of your members with cancer receive care inconsistent with evidence-based medical guidelines

Customers indicate a 15-25% reduction in appeals for oncology treatment plans since implementing Eviti Connect.

Oncology Clinical Library

The Eviti oncology clinical library is the most comprehensive knowledgebase of evidence-based cancer treatments available. It easily enables identification of recommended evidence-based treatment options across the spectrum of cancer types, including individualized patient diagnosis, the details of drug and radiation treatment, the supportive drugs required for best reducing toxicities, the level of evidence based on the clinical trial study design and primary study endpoint, the expected outcomes and toxicities, and the estimated cost of treatment.

Clinical content is included in the library if it is both endorsed by one of the national oncology organizations and there is published clinical data to support the treatment. NantHealth reviews and considers recommendations, approvals, and guidelines from the US Food and Drug Administration [FDA], National Cancer Institute [NCI], National Comprehensive Cancer Network [NCCN] Compendium, American Society of Clinical Oncology [ASCO], American Society of Hematology [ASH], American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology [ASTRO], American College of Radiology [ACR] and other recognized professional societies for inclusion in the library.


evidence-based regimens


clinical trials

of surveyed customers agree that the Eviti clinical library's quality is significantly better than that of the competition.

Eviti Connect for Autoimmune Diseases

Eviti Connect is an intelligent treatment validation platform using evidence-based medicine to give payers and providers confidence to prescribe and reimburse high-quality, high-value care.

The prevalence and cost of treating autoimmune diseases is on the rise.

24+ million1
people in the US with
Autoimmune Disease
$100 billion2
annual direct healthcare cost
1 Autoimmune Association (2021).
2 A.A.Association RD. The Cost Burden of Autoimmune Disease: The Latest Front in the War on Healthcare Spending. Eastpointe, MI: American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (2011).

Key Benefits:

  • Extend the knowledge of your team with independent expertise.
  • Streamline staff authorization workflow, allowing them to focus on more high-value tasks.
  • Manage brand, biosimilar and generic use for best pricing.
  • Ensure compliance with medical policy, pharmacy policy, and step therapy.
  • Drive providers to more cost-effective therapies with configurable drug preferences.
  • Redirect treatment delivery to optimal sites of care when clinically appropriate to reduce costs.
My biggest priority is to get patients the right care and medications they need when they need it, without being delayed by appeals. Eviti can help both providers and payers collaborate in real-time, allowing specialists from both organizations to approve the most appropriate care up front."
Practicing Rheumatologist

Autoimmune Diseases Library

The autoimmune diseases and drug therapies represented in the Eviti library account for the most commonly prescribed drugs (including biosimilars) and the most prevalent autoimmune conditions – such as inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, plaque psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, and more. All drugs in the library are FDA approved for use with their respective conditions.

Health Plan Benefits

Eviti is an intelligent, evidence-based decision support and treatment validation platform that gives payers and providers confidence to prescribe and reimburse high-quality, high-value care. It streamlines authorization workflows and supports providers and payers from treatment plan prescription through validation and appeals.

Cost Savings

  • Ensure your members are prescribed the most appropriate care for their particular disease up front, and save millions of dollars per year through reduced costly ER visits, hospitalizations, recurrence, and medical complications.
  • Optimize your savings by implementing treatment preferences aligned with payer-specific observed outcomes and/or higher reimbursement opportunities.

Reduced Variability in Care

  • Observe increased consistency in the use of evidence-based medicine and see non-compliance rates drop.
  • Configure preferred regiments to align practices with and enhance conformance.

Speed to Market

  • The web-based platform allows you to roll out to your network quickly as an Internet-enabled device is all they need, which most providers already have in their office.
  • Implementation costs remain low as there is no need to install software or hardware onsite.
  • The current platform infrastructure can handle tens of millions of covered lives, so there is no waiting to begin.

Dual Eligibility Support

Intelligent support to process treatment plans accurately for members with dual-eligibility status.

Mega-Rule Compliance

Identification of pharmacy benefit drugs necessitating urgent review to facilitate quick approval decisions.

Support for Multiple Lines of Business

Effectively manage the diverse requirements of each line of business.

Site of Care Redirection

Redirect care to less expensive sites of care when clinically appropriate to reduce costs.

Health Plan Benefits

Medical Policy

Automatic electronic verification that treatments meet your plan's medical policy and plan language before the treatment is selected and ordered.

Pathways Program

Identify off-pathway regimens per payer-specified parameters.


Enable value-based care by redirecting physicians to preferred treatment plans when appropriate, facilitating payer-preferred drug selection at the time of treatment plan entry.


Map patient demographic, diagnosis, treatment details and recommendations into health plan application, reducing errors and time associated with manual data entry.

Provider Adoption

There's a good chance that many providers in your network already use Eviti Connect to authorize treatments for other health plans, as over 7,400+ practices across the United States have registered to use Eviti Connect to submit treatment plans for authorization.

Our provider network already had experience with Eviti and the familiarity made the transition seamless."
Care Management, Regional Health Plan
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