Treating cancer is complex. New therapies emerge at a rapid pace, and costs continue to rise. As drug prices rise and the overall expense of cancer care increases, unnecessary or inappropriate cancer therapy has never been more costly.

Unsustainable care costs and complexity are driving forces for change. Payers have an opportunity to help reduce these added burdens by empowering provider treatment decisions to higher-value care and enabling:

  • Member peace of mind that the prescribed care is the most appropriate treatment for their disease.
  • Physician prescription of high-quality care and appropriate reimbursement from the payer.
  • Payer assurance to reimburse high-quality, high-value care.

Download the white paper Health Plans Navigate Unsustainable Cancer Costs and Ever-Evolving Therapies to learn how payers can reduce and manage the costs of cancer while driving positive outcomes for their members, their provider network, and their business processes to ultimately enable the highest standard of evidence-based care.