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NantHealth Connected Care Solutions

Dramatically improve clinician productivity while reducing error-prone, manual transcription

DCX is an extremely flexible software-based offering that facilitates the capture of patient data from nearly any medical device and the delivery of that data to an EMR or any other data repository—quickly and accurately.


Automated capture and storage of medical device parameters reduces the risk of manual data transcription errors.

Vendor-agnostic architecture supports popular end-point systems and our growing library of over 500 medical devices.

Supports consumer and medical grade devices in any setting: hospitals, clinics, ambulatory settings, and even patients’ homes.

Configurable methodologies for the storage of device data into clinical system(s) supporting most client-and EMR-specific requirements.

Accelerates rounding performance by streamlining data validation and providing a touch-based interface to collect custom parameters

Building upon the implementation of DCX's reliable and near real-time data delivery, NantHealth's VCX automates the entire vitals collection workflows to make heavy rounding loads more manageable. Using tablet devices that are readily available to clinicians, VCX provides a mobile view into data collected by DCX, making workflows faster and easier with maximum automation and no manual transcription.


Touch-friendly tablet user interface with “One-click vitals retrieval” enabling the clinician to select “Get Vitals” in order to display the latest data from the paired rounding devices.

Manual entry and override of parameter values allows clinicians to confirm device readings or enter readings not supported by a medical device as well as configurable parameters to customize input fields.

Clinician tracking and auditability thanks to a unique User ID that is tied to data submission and included in the outbound messaging.

A rugged, small form-factor PC hosting DCX for acute and non-acute care settings

HBox® is a durable and medical-grade gateway supporting device connectivity from high-acuity hospital environments to outpatient clinics, doctors’ offices, and even patient homes.



Supports multiple device connectivity options including Bluetooth, USB, or Serial via the optional Device Escort serial-to-USB adapter.


Communicates to a DeviceConX server via 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet to deliver the device data collected.


Security and reliability achieved through the use of strict version control and a closed, custom operating system without automatic updates.


HBox® is manufactured in accordance with ISO 13485:2003 Medical Device Quality Management System.

Why Integrate Medical Devices?

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Significant Cost & Time Savings

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Opportunity for Improved Patient Care

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Opportunity for Improved Clinician Satisfaction

Manual Data Impacts Care

Connected Care Statistics

Entering Data Manually is Time-Consuming

In a recent study of over 500 registered nurses, 60% said medical errors could significantly decrease if hospital medical devices were coordinated and interoperable
74% of nurses surveyed said that coordinating device info is burdensome
33.47 mins
The time elapsed between taking vital signs and updating into the EMR via paper was 38.53 minutes, while wireless submission took 5.06 minutes—that's 33.47 minutes saved
Source: West Health Institute's 2015 Nurse Survey

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