About this Webinar

Strategic use of biosimilars in cancer care provides an opportunity for more value as these drugs frequently cost less than the reference biologic while having no clinically meaningful difference. How can payers and those responsible for ensuring delivery and payment educate and advocate for their use when clinically and financially appropriate?

Watch this informative on-demand webinar featuring panelists from Wexford Health Sources and NantHealth as we answer this question.

We'll address the challenges payers encounter in managing biosimilars and discuss real-life strategies that drive adoption of these drugs.


Stephen Ritz HeadshotDr. Stephen Ritz
Chief Medical Officer
Wexford Health Sources
Michelle Marrone HeadshotDr. Michelle Marrone
Director of Pharmacy Services
Wexford Health Sources
Dr. Flood HeadshotDr. William Flood
Chief Medical Officer
Eviti, NantHealth

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