Aetna Personal Health Records

Aetna now offers the ability to view Personal Health Records (PHR) for Aetna patients electronically via Aetna's secure provider website via NaviNet. Aetna's PHR provides a comprehensive view of a patient's health care treatment and health history. It contains health information derived from Aetna medical and pharmacy claims and laboratory results, as well as patient-reported information. Having this information easily available can help physicians more effectively coordinate a patient's care. The PHR also encourages Aetna patients to be more actively involved in their health.

Helping physicians get a more complete picture of patients' health

The Aetna PHR makes it easier for patients to keep track of their important health information and share it with their physicians, allowing for better care coordination. Physicians have said they believed the PHR would improve the accuracy and completeness of patient information, consolidate medical records into one place, and enable multiple physicians to coordinate a patient's care, resulting in fewer medical mistakes and improved patient safety. For more details on Aetna PHR, go to the Aetna PHR Resource Center.

Ask your patients to share their PHRs. Encourage your patients to share their PHR information today. Direct them to Aetna Navigator™, the Aetna member website, to grant permission for physicians to view their PHR information within NaviNet.

How to view a PHR

Only physicians whom the patient designates, and their authorized staff, will be able to access that patient's PHR via NaviNet. Once a patient grants permission, the PHR can be accessed in one of the following ways:

  • When initiated by an Eligibility Inquiry
  • Through the View Personal Health Records transaction on the Aetna transaction menu.

Your practice's NaviNet Security Officer manages who in your office has access to see online PHR information.

Become a NaviNet user. You can view Aetna PHRs by simply becoming a NaviNet user. Locate your office's NaviNet Security Officer and ask to be added as a user today.